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New Website!

Please join Mrs. Clarken’s class at their new home… Click HERE for a visit to the new website!

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Hi guys! It has been great hearing from so many of you. It sounds like you are all really enjoying your summer!

Many of you have asked about our Romeo and Juliet clips. I’m hoping to have a couple of them ready by the end of the summer. If not, I’d love some help editing them this fall!

Keep leaving notes! It makes me so, so happy to hear from you! xo

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Cereal Boxes

Hey all!  Please bring in any empty cereal boxes that you have.  We are going to need them for a little project we are starting this week!

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How much do you love Romeo and Juliet so far?  Now that you are getting to know some of the heartbreaking details of the play, this week we will spend some time dissecting some of its famous lines.   I bet you can already translate some of them. For example, what do you think a rose by any other name would smell as sweet means?

Here are some fun links to keep you busy until tomorrow…

Romeo and Juliet Summary

Brainpop Movie: Shakespeare

Shakespeare is Elementary

And don’t forget to check out Room 25’s Shakespeare Productions on our MOVIE PAGE

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Steps in a Process with Edmodo

Steps in a Process

Lucila requested another edmodo lesson… so here is a lesson on Sequencing!  To those of you not in the after school computer class: you will get started on this on Monday.

Selina, great job studying your multiplication!

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hiss, stutter, gasp!

Here is the list of the (better than) said words we collected today when we read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.

crooned, squeaked, chirped, babbled, hissed, cried, thought, warned, sighed, stuttered, murmured, gasped, whispered.

Don’t forget to pay attention to said words in your reading (and conversations!) this week. Share any new words you find with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.  

Click HERE to have Stellaluna and some other amazing stories read to you!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Click HERE to watch a BrainPop movie about Dr. Seuss

Click HERE to hear two of his books…  The Sneetches and Oh, the Places You’ll Go and do a little Suess exploring too!

Reading Group Rotations: Click HERE to get to the Dr. Seuss WebQuest! Write the answers to your webquest sheet as you locate the information.

Writing Group Rotations: Choose one or two ideas below to write about during your independent writing block…

  • What are your “home” rules for being at home when your parents are gone.  Do you know your addresses in case an emergency occurs while you are there alone?

  • List things you can do on rainy days in the house.

  • Would the story be different if the Cat in the Hat told it?  Write it from his perspective.

  • Design a machine that would clean up your room.  Draw a picture of it and then write about how it would help you.

The Cat in the Hat


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Finally… our Chinese New Year Pics!

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Author’s Purpose


Author’s Purpose Power Point

More Author’s Purpose Practice Here!

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Biome Presentations

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