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Fall Festival and Leading the Flag Ceremony

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Spelling Bee and Meeting Pen Pals!


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Shakespeare Fest w/ Mr. Clarken’s Class!

Reading to Kindergarteners

Good Citizens



  1. what a great website i like the girl in the green headban p.s thats me

  2. THANK U !! Mrs. Clarken, for puting up the web site it’s great!!!! We love it.

  3. cool! puks cloths are thier. look at it look at it!

  4. cool i did one cool!

  5. hello this is emilio sister. my is evelyn

  6. mrs.clarken thanck u 4 putting up a cool web site!!!!!!!! Ilove it very much it is cool

  7. hello i show my sister how to do this


  9. mrs.clarken, thanks for that cool website

    • I am so happy that you like it! `i miss you Lissandra. Hope you are enjoying your summer!
      Mrs. Clarken

  10. hello missclarken

    when are we going to

    make a movi e . oh and can i stay in for recess

    • Alexia,

      Let’s make a movie soon. What do you think we should make it about? I was thinking science, but you tell me if you have any ideas, ok? Yes! Stay in with me tomorrow. I really need your help. About your other question regarding the seats… we’ll talk tomorrow!
      Mrs. Clarken

  11. Cool pictures Mrs.Clarken.Do u think my sister is tall or short ?Guess=) ,Andrie

    • Hi Andrie,

      Did you have a fun day today? I’m sorry that I had to leave today. Sean is very sick.

      To answer your question… I have seen your sister and she is TALL! I bet she is taller than I am (especially when I am not wearing heels!)

      Mrs. Clarken

  12. Hello my name is Jerick. I am from Mr.clarkens class

    • Hi Jerick and Dajanae! We are so excited to meet all of you tomorrow! See you then!
      Mrs. Clarken

  13. mrs.clarken so sorry i didn’t get to responed to you but i miss you 2 and i was wondering how you’ve been. :]

  14. Also mrs.clrken happy haloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I miss you so much!!!!!!! and I was thinking when should my class room go to yours

  16. also when are you going to need help ?
    I could help you

  17. where are we when we went to the swimming lessons at YMCA

    • Hi Aralie!

      I am overjoyed to hear from you! I am glad that you remember Babushka’s Doll. It is one of my favorites, too. I just read it to Sean and Timmy last night!

      Ok, here is how you find the pictures from the YMCA. Scroll all the way down until you find the section to the right called ARCHIVES (it is right under the calendar). Click February 2009 and you will see the title Swimming Pictures. Click that you and you should see the pictures.

      Enjoy your vacation and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Tell Toby hello!

  18. wow ms.clarken what a nice site how old is sean now

    • Daisy! Yay! It is so wonderful to hear from you! The weblog has changed a lot since you were in Room 25, huh?! Did you watch your wonderful performance in Midsummer Night’s Dream?

      Sean is 4 1/2 and Timmy is almost 2 1/2! Time is going by so, so, so, so quickly.

      Come and visit me soon!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken

  19. hi mrs.clarken on monday we are going on the san juan capistrano

  20. Hi ms. clarken, you may not know me, but i like that you made a website!!! It’s very awesome and it shows most of my friends!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

    • I’m so happy that you like the website! Are you the Alyssa who used to be in Mrs. Sanchez’s class last year?
      Mrs. clarken

  21. No, but i was two years ago. Right now im in fifth grade!!! Well, that is what i have to say and have an awesome spring break!!!

    • Enjoy your spring break!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken

  22. I love the pictures

  23. nice pics this was a long time ago wasn’t it.

  24. awww i was so small and weird look at the way i dressed so horrible

  25. hey mrs. clarken i remember everthing like it was yesterday i love the pictures! You are still the best teacher in the world how are Sean and Timmy!

  26. hi Mrs clarken in December18,2010 i got sick but i am feeling better right now. I wonder if Timmy is doing?

    • Lucila,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. Timmy is still sick! Can you believe it?!

      Have you been playing any games on the weblog? If you have, leave a comment about what games you think your classmates should try.

      xoox Mrs. Clarken

  27. I think they can try to play the game about making your own Christmas Tree . In Christmas I got an alictric guitar! I have been always wishing for that my sister gotan alictric scooter!

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