Posted by: clarken | May 19, 2011


How much do you love Romeo and Juliet so far?  Now that you are getting to know some of the heartbreaking details of the play, this week we will spend some time dissecting some of its famous lines.   I bet you can already translate some of them. For example, what do you think a rose by any other name would smell as sweet means?

Here are some fun links to keep you busy until tomorrow…

Romeo and Juliet Summary

Brainpop Movie: Shakespeare

Shakespeare is Elementary

And don’t forget to check out Room 25’s Shakespeare Productions on our MOVIE PAGE



  1. ask my teacher mrs.puentes when you need me and marc

  2. hi miss clarken it was fun today revisiting yu and gertrude hahahaha anytime yu need me just tell me or my teacher and i would be happy to help!!!!!What was your favorite part in HAMLET???????well by for now by by

  3. ohh and another thing tell mr.clarken HAPPY BIRTHDAY on monday if i dont see you OK by for now

  4. Hey Mrs.Clarken would u like me to come to ur class room 2 c u.
    If u do then i will drop by.

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