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Fables, Fables, and More Fables!

I have had such fun reading fables with all of you this week.  We learned a lot of great words to describe the characters in these fables.  We also discovered that a lot of fables involve characters who trick- or attempt to trick- others. I was especially impressed by the way you were able to figure out the moral- or lesson- of each fable.

I’d like to know…  which fable is YOUR favorite? Which characters do you like?  Did any of these lessons speak to you?

Please leave a comment letting me know your favorite fable.  Include a character and their trait OR a trick OR a moral.

Posted by: clarken | January 14, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr

I was so impressed by all the thinking and smart comments you shared in our discussion about Martin Luther King, Jr.  HERE is the brainpop movie about Martin Luther King, Jr. you asked for. (username and password: nationalsd)

Enjoy the three day weekend. See you on Tuesday for our trip to the Chula Vista Nature Center!!! 

Posted by: clarken | January 13, 2011

Blubber and other adaptations!

Today in our science rotations we are going to actually FEEL how blubber helps animals survive in the tundra! There will also be a station where you can explore how the Arctic Tundra and Antarctica are similar and different. You will also study a time line to learn about some famous events that took place on Antarctica. Finally, you will be doing a little computer research as well…

Click HERE to get to a site on the Arctic Tundra. Your task is to:

1.) Choose one of the animals and list its characteristics.

2.) Explain how this animal survives in the arctic tundra.

3.) Compare and contrast lichen and cushion plants using a venn diagram.

Posted by: clarken | January 10, 2011

Arctic Tundra

Today you shared how much you already know about the arctic tundra. I thought you’d like to show off a little by playing this game below.

Arctic Trivia Challenge


Posted by: clarken | January 9, 2011

Welcome Back!

I hope that all of you enjoyed your time at home with family and friends! I was thrilled to get emails from many of you over the break and look forward to hearing about all of your adventures on Monday.

Chula Vista Nature Center Touch Tank

We have LOTS of exciting happenings coming up in Room 25!  Although we have completed our M.A.R.E. learning rotations, we will be taking our wetlands field trip to the Chula Vista Nature Center at the end of this month.  You will also be working on your biome presentations as we finishing up our Life Science unit.

Solid, Liquid, and Gas

Then we will be starting a new unit… Physical Science! Do you know the forms of matter? How can they change?… We’ll have fun finding out!

Aesop’s Fables

We are also moving into my favorite literature study: Folktales, Fairy Tales, and Fables! To get ahead, click any of the new links that I added to the right under Literature Study.

In math we will be learning about (and even eating!) fractions. Click HERE to get to a Brainpop movie about fractions if you’d like to get ahead. (remember: username and password are nationalsd)

See you Monday!

Posted by: clarken | December 23, 2010

New IXL Priorities… Graphing!

Check out the new IXL Priorities on the right. Have fun with bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs.

Posted by: clarken | December 17, 2010

Winter break is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!  I thought you might like some interactive games to get you into the Christmas spirit. Click on the title of each activity below to get started.

Deck the Tree with Ornaments

The North Pole

Elf Clubhouse

The Elves Game Chest

Games, Games, Games!

Posted by: clarken | December 14, 2010

Compare / Classify Wetland Plants

Click HERE to compare and classify the plants of the wetlands.

Your task is similar to yesterday’s…

1.  Read about all of the various wetland plants.

2. Choose two types of plants to compare using a VENN DIAGRAM.

3. Create a T Chart to classify the plants in some way. (example: spines vrs leaves, deep roots vrs shallow roots)

Posted by: clarken | December 13, 2010

Compare and Classify

Today you will have the chance to explore another fabulous WETLANDS WEBSITE

Your task: 

1.) Read about each animal.

2.) Compare two animals using a Venn Diagram. (Details you might note are: adaptations, diet, range, habitat…)

3.) Classify the animals with a T-chart.  (Some ideas are: fur vrs scales, wings vrs claws, feathers vrs fur, flying vrs slithering…)   

Posted by: clarken | December 8, 2010

Wetlands Webquest!


Hey all!  It’s that time again… grab those webquest guides and click HERE to get started on your WETLANDS WEBQUEST!

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