Short Shoots

Second Grade Maps, Charts, and Graphs: The Calendar

Third Grade Maps, Charts, and Graphs: Intermediate Directions



Claudine Whitehurst Clarken




  1. Just finished looking at your “short shoot” on Map, graphs, and Charts, very cool! All the kidos did a fantastic job! Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. To Mrs. Clarken’s 2nd and 3rd Grade class…..You are amazing. Your “short shoots” are now my favorite things in the world, and I look forward to seeing the next ones. I can tell how hard you worked on it…, you all look like movie stars! Keep studying hard! Best wishes….. from Mrs. Clarken’s mother

  3. hey mrs.clarken i like the move that the 2nd grade made i injoy it

  4. Hi Mrs.Clarcken I really like both of the movies. love,Sophia

  5. Dear Mrs. Clarken,
    The movies I saw were fantastic! It was superb. I mostly loved the third grade movie. Have a nice weekend.

  6. I especially enjoyed the video about the calendar. I look forward to seeing more. Make it a great day, Mrs. Clarken – Mrs. Clarken’s mother in law.

  7. I love our shots

  8. hi mrs clarken how is the class doing

  9. HI Mrs.Clarken. How are you??? Well I’m sure your doing GREAT. I can’t wait to here from you. Be sure to keep in touch, ok. Well I have to go now, I’ll here from you soon. Have a COOL and FUN summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -angelina reyna 😀

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