Every Monday students receive their Homework Assignment / Reading Log Sheet for the week (back to back with the weekly Spelling/Vocabulary List) and their Spelling Homework Page. At the end of each day, students highlight the assignments that they are required to do. Parents, please check to verify that your child has completed the work to the best of their ability.

DAILY…  Multiplication/Division Fact Practice
Practice Book Reteach Page

Word Work: Spelling Pattern Sort (Monday) *** Check out the On-Line Work Page for updated Spelling Lists and Word Practice Games,Sentences (Tuesday), ABC Order (Wednesday), Making Words ( Thursday)

>>Monday – Thursday Spelling activities require the words from the Weekly Spelling list (on the reverse side of the Assignment Sheet/Reading Log)

20 minutes each day.  Independent Reading and Reading Log.  Students are to share a summary, questions, connections, or predictions about their reading.  Reading aloud, such as poetry, is also encouraged.



  1. hi im from mrs sanchez room

    • hi mrs clarken do u now when mrs sanchez is coming back?

  2. Hi Mrs. Clarkson,
    I’m Jasmines dad, just wanted to check out the site. Jasmine’s is very interested in your site. Look forward to meeting with you soon.

  3. Mr. Valdez,

    Thank you for your comment! I think it’s great that you and Jasmine visited the site together. I will be adding more links and educational games that will relate to current units of study- so check back! Also, be sure to explore the “Parent Links” section. Looking forward to meeting you! Jasmine, see you tomorrow!

    Mrs. Clarken

  4. Mrs. Clarken,
    Raymond and I were checking out the website too and we love it. Thanks for all the work.
    I have a question about the sample homework sheet you sent home yesterday, are we to practice the spelling words on the other side or was that a sample also?
    Again, thanks!
    Anna Garcia

    • I am so happy that you two have been exploring the weblog!

      I know that we talked this morning about your above question, but I’ll respond here, too, in case others were wondering the same thing! Yes, it was a sample, in that the students weren’t responsible for any of the work on either side of the worksheet outside of the classroom. I gave this sample to the kids to use as a visual while we discussed what was expected of them as far as homework. We have been practicing each homework activity in class this week so that they will feel more prepared to do it at home independently next week. Hope that helps!

      Mrs. Clarken

  5. Hello Mrs. Clarken,
    Sophia is so excited to be in your class and couldn’t wait to check out the website! Although you may not receive and respond to this by this evening, thought I’d try anyways. The only items highlighted on her assignment sheet are Reading and “Don’t Forget” section. Does that mean she hasn’t yet been assigned the Math and Spelling homework, probably because she was moved into your classroom just today? Will she be taking the spelling test on Friday? By the way, the website is super…lots of great learning links!!!!
    Thank you.
    Imelda Moreno

    • Mrs. Moreno,

      I’m was excited to have Sophia join our class today! I’m so happy to hear that she is enjoying it. Yes, Sophia’s homework tonight is reading. She has the choice to read independently for 20 minutes, or “Family Reading” where a parent or family member reads a higher level book to her for 20 minutes. Sophia is not required to do the Spelling Homework this week. I did not have time to introduce our four new students to the spelling system yet, so I did not want to assign homework to them that might confuse or overwhelm them. I will ask that she starts Spelling Homework next week. However, Sophia can take the spelling test this Friday as a practice test if she likes!

      Thank you so much for your email. Please email here any time and I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able. Also, check back for updates and new activities! I look forward to meeting you.
      Claudine Clarken

  6. miss clarken i forgot my homework folder in the class room with my homework in side of it dose that count as no recess tomrow to i`m sorry!!!!!!!!

  7. Mrs. Clarken, I need to know if your class is having a picnic tomorrow 10/16/09? Raymond wants me to bring 2 pizzas and a pumpkin pie? Could you please let me know if this something that was being planned or is set for tomorrow.
    Anna Garcia

    • Hi Ana,

      Yes, our picnic is set for tomorrow at 1:45 ish. I am bringing popcorn, pretzles, and some snacks. Some students are bringing fruit, crackers, and other snacks- but it is optional. Raymond said he’d like to bring pizza and pumpkin pie (which both sound great, of course!) but do not feel obligated. Our plan is to have our snacks out on a blanket or two on the field and then play some soccer and football.

      See you tomorrow!
      Claudine Clarken

  8. Hi my name is dajanae and im in you mr.clarken class. i have a weblogto i have picturs of me.

  9. hi mrs.clarken your husband is awesome he is the best!!!

  10. I like your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



  12. Hey Mrs.Clarken how is your summer this far well I hope your having fun with Shaun and Timmy+ Mr.Clarken WE HAD A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY! I met some of my freinds which was Toby, Joseph and amanda. and Mr Clarken tell mark I said hi and Shaun and Timmy I have starwars ation figuirs and the lego video game!

    • Raymond, we are having a fabulous summer so far! Thank you for your wonderful message. Sean, Timmy, Mr. Clarken, and I went to Morro Bay last week. We had a great time kayaking and playing in the sand dunes. What else have you been up to?
      Mrs. Clarken

      • Hi Mrs.CLarken it’s me Raymond so you went to Morro Bay too. we also did! when were going to SanFaincisco. we went camping with our freinds. we went fishing and two of my freinds caught a catfish! also Marina I did’nt catch anything but that was ok. are you gonna see Disbicebel me?

      • Raymond,

        Isn’t Morro Bay fun? Yes, we want to see DespicableMe. It looks so funny! Have you seen Toy Story 3? We did and I thought it was the best movie that I had seen in a long, long time. I started reading a chapter book today called The Great Gatsby. Are you still reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?

        xo Mrs. Clarken

  13. hi mrs. clarken its me andrea i miss you so much

  14. Mrs.clarken I watched the youtube video of romeo and juliet

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