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 Spelling List # 14:  /ar/, /ir/, /ur/, /or/

Click HERE for word list practice. Start by doing Teach Me and then Test Me

Language Arts:

Main Idea, Details Here

Review Using Prefixes HERE

Interactive Prefix games HERE

Review Using Suffixes HERE

Practice Using Suffexes HERE

Interactive Suffix Games HERE

Matching Suffixes HERE

Understanding Words HERE

Click HERE to practice sorting nouns and verbs.

Dictionary Review HERE


Click HERE to have some amazing stories (Sophie’s Masterpiece, Stellaluna…) read to you.  See if you can recognize the voice of the reader of To Be a Drum…) After each story click “Related Activities.” Bonus tickets for student who bring in some of their answers to discuss during Reader’s Workshop.



Click HERE to practice making numbers with Base Ten Blocks.

Click HERE for Money Practice. Try all three games!

Click HERE for comparing numbers (Play until you get a correct score of 40!)


Check out this BrainPop movie about Camouflage! Click HERE and don’t forget to put Username: nationalsd and Password: nationalsd

Choose any animal adaptation game from our Science links.

Social Studies:

Click HERE to play GEO Game.  Don’t forget that you can use your atlas to help you.

Click HERE to watch Tim and Moby explain the continents.

Don’t forget to log in at the top!

(USERNAME: nationalsd      PASSWORD: nationalsd)




  1. Happy (belated) birthday!!!!! You are going to Looooooooooooooooooooove being nine. Did you know that the reason my favorite number is 9 is because I loved being nine years old so much? I just know you will too. Guess what? We met Mr. Schall at the beach today and Sean and Timmy dug the hugest hole with Ava. What have you been doing? Can’t wait to see you and catch up.
    Mrs. Clarken

  2. I hope you’re still here tomorrow!

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