Posted by: clarken | March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Click HERE to watch a BrainPop movie about Dr. Seuss

Click HERE to hear two of his books…  The Sneetches and Oh, the Places You’ll Go and do a little Suess exploring too!

Reading Group Rotations: Click HERE to get to the Dr. Seuss WebQuest! Write the answers to your webquest sheet as you locate the information.

Writing Group Rotations: Choose one or two ideas below to write about during your independent writing block…

  • What are your “home” rules for being at home when your parents are gone.  Do you know your addresses in case an emergency occurs while you are there alone?

  • List things you can do on rainy days in the house.

  • Would the story be different if the Cat in the Hat told it?  Write it from his perspective.

  • Design a machine that would clean up your room.  Draw a picture of it and then write about how it would help you.

The Cat in the Hat



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