Posted by: clarken | January 20, 2011

Fables, Fables, and More Fables!

I have had such fun reading fables with all of you this week.  We learned a lot of great words to describe the characters in these fables.  We also discovered that a lot of fables involve characters who trick- or attempt to trick- others. I was especially impressed by the way you were able to figure out the moral- or lesson- of each fable.

I’d like to know…  which fable is YOUR favorite? Which characters do you like?  Did any of these lessons speak to you?

Please leave a comment letting me know your favorite fable.  Include a character and their trait OR a trick OR a moral.



  1. Dear Mrs.Clarken, I enjoyed reading fables and MY favorite was King Lion Is Ill. It was my favorite because the lion thought he was SLY enough to get ALL the animals to come over but, only one didn’t fall for his trick and the one who did not fall for the trick was the fox.The fox was smart enough to not get tricked because he used clues and also saw that all the animals were disapering. And also just so you know my favorite animal is the fox. Thank-you 4 being a great teacher!

  2. hi Mrs. Clarken I just wanted 2 ask u how can I get on 2 Brain Pop movies because I want to get on 2 see movies about natural disasters. P.S please leave a comment +the password 2 get on BP

    • hello my dear. The username/password are both nationalsd but you must use those before 5pm. Tomorrow in class I’ll give you the after-5 password!

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