Posted by: clarken | January 13, 2011

Blubber and other adaptations!

Today in our science rotations we are going to actually FEEL how blubber helps animals survive in the tundra! There will also be a station where you can explore how the Arctic Tundra and Antarctica are similar and different. You will also study a time line to learn about some famous events that took place on Antarctica. Finally, you will be doing a little computer research as well…

Click HERE to get to a site on the Arctic Tundra. Your task is to:

1.) Choose one of the animals and list its characteristics.

2.) Explain how this animal survives in the arctic tundra.

3.) Compare and contrast lichen and cushion plants using a venn diagram.



  1. i heard that you guys are going to a field trip on tuseday i think well have a great time see you soon.P.s me and my class are going to san capistrano for are field trip on a train and i disected a fish on wedsday luv yu [:

  2. my class is doing biome research and we have different biomes and my table biome is arctic tundra!!!!!!!!!!1

    • That sounds great! I bet you are having so much fun!

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