Posted by: clarken | December 17, 2010

Winter break is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!  I thought you might like some interactive games to get you into the Christmas spirit. Click on the title of each activity below to get started.

Deck the Tree with Ornaments

The North Pole

Elf Clubhouse

The Elves Game Chest

Games, Games, Games!



  1. Dear mrs.clarken
    I been practsing my mutalacasion in my ten’s i wish you had a superb newyear and merry christmas.

    • Selina,

      I’m so proud of you! Way to go! I bet you are going to be on your division in no time! Enjoy your break sweetie!

      xoxo Mrs. Clarken

  2. Hello Mrs.Clarken how are you?did anybody win the rock star day in your class? will Hope did.tell sean and timmy that i said hello bye for now type you later

    • Ruthie! Thank you for all of the great emails. I miss you too. I told Mr. Clarken all about your cool rock star outfit! I am in San Francisco at my parent’s house surrounded by lots of family. Sean and Timmy love spending so much time with their cousins. I do too! Hope you are enjoying your break. Say hello to your family for me!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken
      P.S. I’m so happy that you are a part of the Peace Patrol. We are lucky to have you helping out!

  3. thats really nice that you guys are spending time with your family. ME and my fam. are just hangging around.all right bye foR now
    L.O.V.E ruthie

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