Posted by: clarken | October 25, 2010

Bing! Bang! Boom! Onomatopoeia Time…

Click HERE to explore some sounds. Can you find words to describe them?

What words can you “hear” in the poem below?

By Danielle Caryl

The click of the clock, the creak of the stair,
The squeak of a mouse and the swoosh of the air.
The groan of the house as it settles below,
And outside the window, the patter of snow.
The scruff of the dog’s paws below where I rest,
The rattle of the window that seems to face West.
The jingle of bells from a wind chime next door
The unearthly sounds of a truly loud snore.
The crunching of snow under an animal’s feet,
The honk of a horn from right down the street.
So many noises I just want to weep,

Is it too much to ask for some sleep?



  1. I heard the sounds click, creak, sqeak, swoosh, groan, patter, scruff, rattle, jingle, crunch, and honk.Those are some great sounds.

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