Posted by: clarken | June 19, 2010


Hi all! I have recently heard from some of your friends! Take a look at what books they have already started this summer…

Ruthie recommends A Poison Apple Book called  The Dead End.

She also suggests that you check out Clementine.

Sophia has been enjoying The Amber Brown series.

What are YOU reading this summer?  Leave a comment!



  1. i’ve been reading alot of fairytales. I’ve been reading many versions of the three wishes

  2. Dear,Mrs.Clarken My mom bought me a collection of Amber Brown books from costco!Amber brown is funny like Junie B. Jones!Now I have like 9 Amber Brown books.My mom got me 3rd grade total math and total reading!There really good books!

  3. I’ve read some book Twilight Books

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