Posted by: clarken | June 17, 2010


I just wanted to thank all of you for such a fun year.  I hope that your summer is a blast!

But guess what? The blog will still be here for you ALL SUMMER LONG! So why not…

*read a new folk tale or fairy tale every day!

* make it a habit to play a game of Multiplication Grand Prix every night before bed!

* finish up / review your math standards on IXL

* visit the National Geographic For Kids site: you can practice following directions by trying a new recipe or making an art project

These are just a few suggestions. There is always so much to learn so explore, explore, explore.

I’ll be popping back in from time to time so please leave a comment for me! I’d love to hear what book you are reading. If you find a really special one, let me know so I can pass it on to your weblog friends!

See you all soon. xoxo



  1. Mrs.Clarken we just got out of school and I miss you.dont you think it is to early to leave 3rd Grade I think that time goes really fast. just when you gave me the hug good-bye i almost started crying when are you going to let us know which class we are going to? I LOVE YOU.p.s the book i`m reading is the poison apple book about The Dead End and clementime.

    • Ruthie,
      You are such a special young lady. I feel so lucky to have had you in my class and to have you as a friend. We will always be close, don’t you think?

      As for next year, we don’t have much information at this time. Many teachers (including me!) don’t know for sure what grade they are teaching. I will let you know as soon as I know!

      I’m glad you like The Dead End and Clementine. May I write a post on our weblog letting your classmates know that you recommend it?
      Mrs. Clarken

  2. Im reading really cool books Mrs.Clarken.One is a big book of beauty and the beast

  3. Im reading really cool books Mrs.Clarken.One is a chapter book of Amber Brown.I am missing you!

  4. Mrs.Clarken, I did not have time to right my last story of Gig Pig but we need to go to summer vacation:(.I hope i go to your class on August 24th lol!

  5. Mrs.Clarken I can`t belive I that I saw you today I thought that I was not going to see u until we got back from summer break.What were you doing there today?Alexandria and Alexia have been exaderating because when they got their notebooks they said that it smelled like your class but in a good way.My camp wings teachers are Ms.Sandera and Ms.Nacy.P.s. I LOVE YOU

    • It was so fun getting to see you today! You pajamas are so cute! I was at school today because I needed to clean out my cupboards and closets. There is a LOT to organize! Sorry if the notebooks were a little dusty and stinky (!) They were old but still had lots of pages in them and I thought they could use a good home. Did you also get the stickers I gave to your teachers?

      Enjoy the rest of your summer, my dear! I will miss you!

  6. Mrs.Clarken thank you for the complement.The notebooks were not dusty but when things get old they smell gastly.Guess what i am gonna do the first thing i go to school i am going to visit your class if i can.I got another book it`s called Waggits tale.I LOVE YOU.p.s. i am learning about kumeyaays

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