Posted by: clarken | May 25, 2010

CFL vrs. Incandescent

Did you complete your mission? Were you surprised?

I was! I found that there were a few places I could use energy more efficiently in my house. I found that I have an incandescent bulb in my porch light. That’s a GREAT spot to put a CFL because it’s on all night!  I also found that the bulb in my dining room fixture is an incandescent. I use that for long periods of time, too! Both of those should be changed to CFLs.

I’m going to leave my hall closet light an incandescent bulb, as it is used for short periods of time (when I pop in to grab my jean jacket, for example). I think my bathroom is also a fine place to have an incandescent bulb. So that is staying as well.

What were YOUR findings…?



  1. mrs.clarken can you put activiteis about this ?

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