Posted by: clarken | May 17, 2010


How much do you love Hamlet?  Now that you know all of the gory details, this week we will spend some time dissecting some of the lines from the play.   I bet you can already translate some of it. For example, what do you think I shall the effect of this good lesson keep or neither a borrower or a lender be mean?

Here are some fun links to keep you busy until tomorrow…

Summary of Hamlet

Brainpop Movie: Shakespeare

Shakespeare is Elementary

And don’t forget to check out Room 25’s Shakespeare Productions on our MOVIE PAGE



  1. Dear Mrs.Clarken I loved learning about shakesspeare.I looked at the movies I loved them.The end of the paper was kind of not cool because Hamlet made herself die.I want to learn more about shakesspeare.Have nice weekdays. Love,sophia

  2. Dear Mrs.Clarken I just need to tell you I just saw a website that is so cool.You just need to type in fun in the classroom with amber brown

  3. dear Mrs. Clarken I was so enspired from that movie in the afternoon i have been practicing my lines. Would you like to hear a few lines? ” I am thy fathers spirit doomed for a certian time to walk the night” thats all I can remember in my head.

    p.s good night and o yeah its Christina

    • I can tell that you have been practicing! What part are you going to audition for? Remember that girls can try out for Hamlet or any of the other male roles. Last year we had an amazing girl, Iri, play the lead role of Macbeth! See you tomorrow, my dear.
      Mrs. Clarken

  4. I just loved i`m going to the library and i`m going to go CRAZY on the books thanks to you I will get MacBeth mid summer nights dreams but mostly HAMLET thank you LOVE Ruthie

    • Ruthie,
      I love Hamlet, too! I am going to try to get a book called Stories from Shakespeare that has mini versions of all of his plays. I think you’ll love it. If you look at our Shakespeare links (under the Explore, Explore, Explore links) you’ll find a link to summaries of all of his plays. I bet you’ll also enjoy Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. Have fun!
      Mrs. Clarken


  6. Mrs.clarken I love Shakesspeare I almost memorizied all my lines.But do I have to do the part were I report to the court about ophelia`s death?

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