Posted by: clarken | May 10, 2010


STAR CST Testing is here! It’s finally time to get to show off all you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our schedule for testing is as follows:

THIRD GRADE: Tuesday, May 11, Wednesday, May 12, and Thursday, May 13.

SECOND GRADE: Tuesday, May 18, Wednesday, May 19, Thursday, May 20.

For both grades we will be testing Language Arts before recess and Math after recess.

Please make sure you get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!

Don’t forget to EAT BREAKFAST!




  1. Mrs.clarken I`m ready for the test but what if there is a problem that people don`t know or that there not on their 12 or 11 or 9????????But I still think I can do it.

  2. Mrs.clarken forget what I said I think everybody did a great job on the test.I think your a great teacher because I thought that I was pro at it.Thank you for every thing you have taught us.Love Ruthie

  3. Dear Mrs.Clarken, I think alot of people will do a very great and awsome job at the test!I reviewed some math!I will never ever give up!And if I do i’ll tell myself to never ever give up!Love,Andrie

    • Andrie,
      You are so right! Perseverance is the key! You should be proud of all of the hard work you have done all year. Now is your time to shine!

      Mrs. Clarken

      • Thanks Mrs.Clarken! P.S. your the best teacher in the world!

  4. I did my best that I could. I think we did pretty well even the third graders.I got confused on the one that has triangles and you had to guess the group but we still did pretty good.This week im going on I.X.L every day so I would get better and better and do as much reading but both of them not to late.Right ha ha ha haa ha.I hope one person in our class got the bike.I have a bike but I rode it since I was like three there is sometheing really cool about that bike is that it can turn into a teeter todder if you take it like something. Sincery Your Student,sophia

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