Posted by: clarken | April 15, 2010

Genre Presentation/Parade

Ok, my dears… we are all set with dates for our GENRE PRESENTATION! This Tuesday, April 20, at 1:45 we will be presenting different types of FICTION. The following Tuesday, April 27, we will be sharing different types of NONFICTION.

If you plan to wear a costume or bring props, please make sure that you bring them to school on Monday. 



  1. Dear mrs.Clarken about the genre parade next week i was wondering what i can bring for the biographie booth?And like what kind of costumes can we bring in?Or how or who are we ganu wear???

    • Hi Ruthie! I will look around this weekend and see what kind of costumes I can come up with and we’ll finishing up preparing our booths and speeches on Monday and Tuesday. This week, however, you are preparing for the FABLES booth. The next week you will be working at the BIOGRAPHY book when we do nonfiction. The choice is YOURS! Who do you want to be? You had mentioned Jane Goodall, but you are welcome to do anyone as long as you prepare for it.
      Enjoy your weekend!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken
      PS I was very proud of you today at the SmartyPlants assembly! You were brave to get up there in front of that huge crowd

  2. Miss Clarken I was thinking about what you said and i really thought that i should do Jane Goodall or maybe do someone else.And enjoy your weekend to!PS thank you and i thought that the huge crowd wanted to see me get wet even my brother wanted to see me get wet.

  3. Miss Clarken what if someone wants to bring something for the other booths????Like if someone has a crown like me can the fairy tale people barrow or a dress can they barrow it?????

    • Ruthie,
      I think that is a wonderful idea. It would be very kind of you to share your crown or dress! You are very thoughtful, my love. See you tomorrow!
      Mrs. Clarken

  4. Miss Clarken I think for next week i should bring in something for the biographie booth.Like a stuffed monkey for like Jane Goodall and something that looks like the zoo clothes and i shod where a pony tail like her.Do you think it a superb idea??

    • Yes! I DO think it’s a superb idea! I bet the biography booth is going to be a hit!

      I think that you and Christina did a FABULOUS job at the fable booth today. I had two teachers come up to tell me how impressed they were by you. You should be proud of yourself!
      xoxo Mrs. clarken

  5. Miss clarken I thought the Fairy Tale booth got more hits but sometimes to much people can be disaster but the Fabel booth as you said they were great and there were ONLY TWO GIRLS in that booth.So any ways I can`t wait for next week because we are doing the biographies and information for now.p.s. can my brother sebastian read to you some words from our HOMEWORK WORDS from the bottom list one day

    • Yes! Next week will be fun! I can’t wait to see you dresses as Jane Goodall with your monkey! And I’d love to hear your brother read ANY TIME! Enjoy your night.
      Mrs. Clarken
      P.S. Have you moved into your new house?????

  6. Miss Clarken we have not moved in to a new house yet but my mom already singed up for one!!!!!!I can`t wait to go to that house. But do you think that I will be late to school because it`s kind of far away???What is going on with the year book???

  7. Mrs.clarken when are we going to do the genre presantation because I don`t know when to bring my costume for the presantation?PLEASE ANSWER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!S

    • Hi sweetie! The genre presentation is TOMORROW! Tuesday, at 1:45! I hope you get this message! xoxo Mrs. Clarken

  8. Dear Mrs.Clarken,thank you for emailing me back because if it wornt for you I would not be bringing my costume today.I want to say that some booths wornt saying what they had to say that loud so thats maybe why I didn`t get 100 % today but just one littel question what is a alamantic???

    • You were incredible, as always, Ruthie. You did very well on your quiz. We’ll talk more about Almanacs tomorrow. Thank you for being a reminder DAILY as to what I love about being a teacher.
      Mrs. Clarken

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