Posted by: clarken | April 11, 2010

Multiple Meanings



This week we will be talking about words with multiple- more than one- meaning. These are also known as HOMOGRAPHS. (HOMO= same and I bet that you remember from biography that GRAPH= writing.   That means same + writing. Words written the same but with different meanings!)

Take the word blue for example…

My favorite color is blue.

I felt blue when my cousin moved away.

Let’s start by reviewing parts of a dictionary entry. Then let’s practice.


Homograph Game 1

Homograph Game 2




  1. I did some of the homephone games they are fun thank you for putting it on the website.p.s have a nice day

  2. Mrs clarken i just want to tell you that i now a cool website.It is called

    • Thank you for the great website, Sophia! I am so excited! I’ll be adding it to the weblog so that others may enjoy it. I have had fun reading all of your messages tonight! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I think you would love the website please comment back and check it out

  4. Mrs.clarken I found a homophone it`s flew Example:The bird flew in the air.The next one is the flu Example:there is a lot of flu around here.And that is my homophone.

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