Posted by: clarken | April 8, 2010

Main Idea and Details

Welcome back! I bet everyone had a fabulous spring break. Now that we are all refreshed and recharged…

… it’s time to focus on a special type of nonfiction: INFORMATIONAL TEXT. 

Biographies (like those we read about Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso) tend to focus on single individuals and specific points in time.

Informational Texts give information about whole classes of things. (Take bats for example. Bats are mammals. They are divided into two groups; the megabats and microbats.)

Informational Text often includes:

* Technical Vocabulary in Bold Print (to be found in the Glossary)

* Photographs

* Labels

* Captions

* Diagrams

* Tables and Charts

* Table of Contents and Indexes to help us locate information

We will be reading an Informational Text called Hanging Around With Bats. We will continue to compare/contrast and classify information.  We will also continue to note cause and effect as we read. Our primary focus, however, will be to pay attention to the MAIN IDEA and DETAILS.

Get a head start by clicking HERE for a Main Idea and Details practice.


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