Posted by: clarken | March 22, 2010

Cause and Effect


This week we have been noticing how  events in Picasso’s life effect his painting style.

*What caused Picasso to paint portraits in blue?

*What caused people to be shocked when they viewed many of Picasso’s paintings?

What caused Picasso to start painting lively, joyful portraits in rose shades?

Can you name any cause/effect examples from Picasso’s life?

Before leaving a comment, please review cause and effect by reading the example below.  Then play the three review games.

Remember that:

A cause is something that makes something else happen.  Out of two events, it is the event that happens first. To determine the cause, ask the question “Why Did it Happen?”

An effect is what happens as a result of the cause.  Of two related events, it’s the one that happens second or last.  To determine the effect, ask the question “What Happened?”

The boy kicked the ball. (Cause) The ball rolled. (Effect)

Matching Game

Matching Game 2

Cause and Effect Test




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