Posted by: clarken | March 10, 2010

Cause and Effect

While reading Frida Kahlo’s biography this week, we discovered that she spent much time in bed due to the fact that she was sick with polio as a child. As an adult she needed to spend months in bed in a body cast as a result of a nasty accident. All of this time alone, bedridden, caused her to use her imagination. She was able to hone her skills as an artist on account of this “lonely period.”

I was impressed at how quickly you discovered the above Cause and Effects in Frida’s life. Alexia noted that sometimes it is like Dominoes:

Frida was in a car accident and therefore was stuck in a body cast. Her time in a body cast caused her to develop her skills as a painter. Her skills as a painter caused her to gain attention in the United States and France…

Think about the biographies you are reading with your reading groups. Do you notice any CAUSES and EFFECTS?  If so, please leave a comment below. Here are some questions to get you thinking…

What caused Cesar Chavez to form a group called a union?

What caused the vineyard owners to pay their workers more money?

What caused Steve Irwin to become a herpetologist?

What cause him to start a show called The Crocodile Hunter?

What caused Ellen Ochoa’s success as an astronaut?

What causes the weightlessness that astronauts feel in space?

Click HERE for a Cause and Effect review and matching game!



  1. Ellen Ochoa’s success was due to the fact that she never gave up and always tried to achive her goals.

  2. Weightlessness that the astornaut feel is due to the fact that there was no gravity

  3. Ellen Ochoa got succesful on acount of being hard working and persevering.

  4. When Steve was older he made a show called Crocadile Hunter on acount he was into reptiles more.

  5. Steve Irwin became a herpetologist due to the fact he got a12 foot python snake as a child

  6. Cesar Chavez made a uion deu to the fact thatto get more mony for the farm workers so it can be fare for the farm workers so it can be fare for the farm workers and to the people that work in farms in mexco when they pick graps berres and alppels and for a lot of stuf.

  7. Cesar chavez gathered a uonuoin due to the fact that farmers can get or earn lots of money

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