Posted by: clarken | February 12, 2010

Compare and Contrast

The Milkmaid and her Pail

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

A month ago I asked if you knew the difference between a FAIRY TALE and a FABLE. I saw a lot of confused faces… but that was THEN! I bet you can now!

What are ways in which we can DESCRIBE a FAIRY TALE? What are some of the MOTIFS we see again and again?

How can we DESCRIBE a FABLE?

Please leave a comment with your thoughts. Are there ways in which fairy tales and fables are similar? How are they different?



  1. What I think that is different about fairy tales and fabels is that in a fabels there is three things that make a fabel you need animal at most parts and lesson and a moral.A fairy tale really needs once a opun a time and princess and prince and all that.That is what I think.

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