Posted by: clarken | February 5, 2010

Computer Lab

Hi guys! Sorry to be out today.  Timmy is sick so I needed to stay home with him. I bet all of you have been having a fun time with Miss Wills.


1.) Read the post below about SIMILES. Then leave a comment with a simile that you will be using to describe your hero/heroine in the fairy tale you are writing.

2.) Go to the ON-LINE WORK tab and choose one plural noun game AND one prefix/suffix game to play.

3.) You may spend the rest of the time doing math or language arts games from our blog.



  1. Her lips are like blood.

  2. Her lips were like red blood.
    SnowWhite hair is black as a raven.
    SnowWhite likes animals

  3. Hey mrs. Clarken I read Snow White with the class and I wiil tell you a similie.She is as bright as a golden sun shining in the air.

  4. Her checks were as pink like a rose.

  5. Her hair was like ebony and Her lips were like blood and Her face was white as snow Her cloths as smooth as silk.

  6. Hey mrs.clarken a simile is like you describe a shine gold hair but here is a better one.her lips were flamin red.I am sorry about timmy say hi and say feel better to timmy

  7. Dear Mrs. Clarken,
    In the book Snow White her lips wre as red as blood and her hair was ebony brown. I am sorry about Timmy being sick


  8. Dear Mrs.Clarken,
    Who’s computers are those in that pic.? Aralie and me went to the classroom on “Friday” and I guess you weren’t there. I wasn’t here on Thursday and I had to see a docter. Do you now need help on this Thursday? We had A flag ceremony, Friday. I think the 1st graders were singing and a lot of people were laghing at them , but I wasn’t , they were trying their best singing. I remember when I was a first grader in Mrs.Gurly’s class she was the best first grader teacher. Your my BEST teacher in the world! If you weren’t it would of been my kider garden teacher in Spring Valley, Mrs. Scott! She was the other BEST teacher in the world as a kinder garden!!!!!
    Letticia Corrine Marzan Valderrama ( you know me still right?)

    • Of COURSE I still know (and love) you! I was sad not to have had you and Aralie to chat with on Thursday and I hope you are feeling better. Let’s try it again this Thursday, ok? I’ll write a note for you to be able to come.

      The computers are just of a picture I found. I thought the kids would think it was funny.
      See you this week. xoox Mrs. Clarken

  9. Why were you guys reading ” Snow White ” ?

    • We read the original Brothers Grimm version of Snow White. We are studying the motifs of fairy tales and also reading many versions of them to compare/contrast them. Snow White also uses a lot of similes (like her lips were as red as a rose…). Are you doing similes in 4th grade?

      Mrs. Clarken

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