Posted by: clarken | January 28, 2010

Once Upon a Time…

…a charming group of students joined the class of a cunning queen who sometimes transformed herself into a wicked witch…

Hansel and Gretel

How much fun are we having with our unit on Fairy Tales??!!  Many of you asked for links to some tales that we have not yet read in class. I have added some below!  Please choose one. As you read, be thinking of the MOTIFS that we’ve been discussing in class.  Which motifs apply to your story?

Please leave a comment noting the hero/heroine and any motifs you noticed in the story. Also mention any…

supernatural adversaries, ferocious beasts, supernatural helpers, magical spells, wishes, or objects, transformations, extreme conditions (beauty, riches, poverty), rule of 3’s

Here are the links…

Hansel and Gretel

The Frog Prince


Shoemaker and the Elves



  1. Dear Mrs.Clarken,The supernatural enemy was the witch,the hero and the heroine was the prince and the princess,and the ferotuious beast was a wolf i think.

  2. there were no super natrel bad guys and the frog prince liked the princess. and the princess didnot knew he was a prince

  3. We read the book Rumpelstiltskin and the characters are the queen and she was sly when she asked if his name was Rumpelstiltskin.The troll was a super natural adversary because he was an enimey and a supernatural helper because he did not take the baby he felt glum. He was like Grisnel.

  4. Dear, Mrs.Clarken,
    The book I am going to talk about is Charles And Claudine. The super natural adversarie / super natural helper is Grendal the witch. The heroine is Claudine and the hero is Charles.


  5. We read the book rumpelstiltzkin the heroine is The millers daughter/The queen. The supernatural adversary is rumpelstiltzkin he is very clever and foolish. The magical powers is rumpelstiltzkin’s is turning the straw [hay] into gold. The rule of three’s are the three days,the three turnes to make the gold,the three times to make gold.

  6. We read the book Rumpelstilizskin the Heroine was the miller,s daugter/ queen the supernatrul magical adversare was Rumpelstilizskin the magical obgect was the flying spoon and the hay.

  7. The book we read Rumpleskiltzkin that the queens daughter had three days too guess rumpleskitzkins name. RULE OF THREE

  8. We read Jack And The Beanstalk. It has alot of rule of threes. The important one is that Jack goes to visit the giant three times at the castle in the sky. Another is he steal three things the hen,the gold,and the magic harp. First he came back for just once then he went in the next three weeks then the next three years.

  9. I have a rule of three it happend in my grandmas house.It was my Uncel Mondito was that he was going to leave but he came back three times.And I bellowed good-night three times to every body. And they lived happly ever after……

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