Posted by: clarken | January 15, 2010

Fables, Fables, and More Fables

I have had such fun reading fables with all of you this week.  We learned a lot of great words to describe the characters in these fables.  We also discovered that a lot of fables involve characters who trick- or attempt to trick- others. I was especially impressed by the way you were able to figure out the moral- or lesson- of each fable.

I’d like to know…  which fable is YOUR favorite? Which characters do you like?  Did any of these lessons speak to you?

Please leave a comment letting me know your favorite fable.  Include a character and their trait OR a trick OR a moral.



  1. my favorite fable sofar was the Wolf And The Crane. I liked when the wolf let the crane go as his reward. I was suprised he didn’t eat him

  2. my favorite fabel is The Fox And The Crow

    the crow is vain and the fox is clever.

  3. My favorite fablel is The Fox and the Crow. The moral was do not let so some one flater u.

  4. My favorite fable was The Fox And The Crow. The crow was very vain because she or he fell for the trick that fox did. The fox was wise and sly because he tricked her.

  5. I liked the fox and the crow because sneaky and sly and when the crow droped the cheese then fox ate it and when fox was smart again.

  6. I like the fox and the crow because the crow is gullible and the fox is to sly for the cheese

  7. My favorite was The Donkey Carrying salt.The animal trait was really dence because if you trick someone once and then do it again you will get caught. Also you are not fooling them you are fooling yourself.

  8. Dear Mrs. Clarken,
    My favorite fable is King Lion is Ill. I liked the part when the fox figured out what he was tring to do. I also liked the moral. Someone clever can be deafested by someone cleverer.

  9. hey mrs.clarken i am in class right now does timmy and sean get scared of thunder

  10. I seen that you have responded to me right now!

    luv always

  11. mrs.clarken when can I read my fabel the donkey and the dog??????? can I read allthow we are not reading fabels any more.

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