Posted by: clarken | December 18, 2009


This month we participated in M.A.R.E  (Marine Activities, Resources, and Education) and it was a blast!

Our second graders studied the SANDY SHORE. They joined the other 2nd Grade classes and learned so much from Mr. Schall, Mrs. Camba-Jones, and Mr. Anderson. Click HERE to  see what Mr. Schall’s class  has to share about Mollusks.  Read all the smart comments from the students!

Our 3rd Graders had fun with the WETLANDS. Still not sure what the wetlands are?  Click HERE to see a short movie about the wetlands.  Then share what you know in a comment down below so others can learn from YOU!



  1. Hey mrs.Clarken! Yesterday I went to Bobs Big Boy.My grandpa said”These taste the same when I was a kid.It was so fun.

  2. hi mrs.clarken ,
    i remember when we did that. It was a lot of fun.I wish i could be in your class still.

    • Cleo! I’m so happy that you checked out our weblog! It was such fun seeing you and Gloria last year. You two have grown up into such beautiful people inside and out. Keep coming back to visit! You will always be a part of the Room25 family! xoxo Mrs. Clarken
      P.S. Your card was lovely. Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind letter. You better believe we’ll be in Paris together one day! Wouldn’t that be just perfect!?!!

  3. I know we will meet someday.We wanted to give you something for your birthday because your our favorite teacher and your the best person we know.Gloria says that you should read “Officer Buckle and Gloria” we remember when you read it to us.well we are going to see you on monday the 11th can’t wait until then

    ♥ lots/ Cleo & Gloria

  4. hi mrs.clarken how are you doing well to say for me im doing exceptional today and you?

    • we are doing a narrative about are life and im all done with it .I used 2 sides of one paper. I remember in third3 grade that i would only use 1 half of a paper!

  5. Mrs.Hernandez is going to have a baby girl and she is naming her baby ” Shopia ” so cool!

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