Posted by: clarken | December 14, 2009

Fantasy VRS.Realism

Hi all! This week we’ve been comparing two types of fiction: Fantasy and Realistic Fiction. We found that a fantasy often contains both realistic events and those  which could never happen. Below you’ll see some of the books we read this week. Please leave a comment below, offering examples of both realism and fantasy from each story.

Today we’re going to talk a bit more about WHY authors write these types of fiction.  What is their PURPOSE? Is it to… Inform us? Entertain us? Persuade us? Click HERE for a review of AUTHOR’S PURPOSE.



  1. In Babusha’s Doll it was fantasy because doll’s don’t talk.

    In Pig Sty it was also fantasy because pigs can’t talk.

  2. in babushcas doll, it is fantasy because

    dolls do not talk it is realism because a

    grandma could give a doll to a girl.

    in pigsty, it is fantasy because pigs do not

    use a telephone it is realism becuase a boy
    can have a dirty room.

    in Henry and the buccieneer bunies,it is fantasy
    because rabbits do not talk it is realism

    because a boat could land on sand.

  3. in babushkas doll a doll cant run but it can be played with.
    in henry and the buccaneer bunnies
    that bunnies cant read books and bunnies can have storms. in pigsty you can have a messy room but pigs cant come in rooms

  4. in babusha doll was fantasy cause a doll cant run. a realistic detail is a gramma can give a kid a doll

    in pigsty was a fantasy cause pig cant
    make phone calls. it is realistic foraboy to be messsy

  5. In Babush`s Doll doll can`t come to life but a girl can play with a doll


    play with a doll

  6. in babushkaus grandmma can do laundry
    but adoll can not come tolive

  7. in pigsty akid can have a messy room but pigs do not have souit cases or have a party

  8. in how I became pirate a pirate shipcan not come

  9. in Babushka Doll can`t come alive.Grandma could let people play with it.

    In Pigsty a boy can be messy.Pigs can`t come into someones room.

  10. in Babushkas Doll grandmas can wash clothes.But a doll cant come to life.

    In pigsty a boys room can be messy.But pigs cant come and play monopaly.

    In henry and the bukaner bunnies could get on the ship.

  11. In Babushka`s Doll a doll can`t come to life but a girl can play with a doll

  12. i remember all of those books i love the most is babushkas doll then pigsty

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