Posted by: clarken | November 19, 2009


Hey guys! We have been studying tropical and temperate rainforests this week in class. Today is the day to get to show off some of what you’ve learned and also time for you to go on a quest for more information. Again you are off on a quest! In this WebQuest you will explore the types of rainforests found in North, Central, and South America. You will compare and contrast the two types of forests and learn about the plant life that flourishes there.

Here is your task:

* compare and contrast a tropical and temperate rainforest.
* find out why rainforests are disappearing and why they should be preserved.
* discover plants that live in both types of rainforests.

Please use your Rainforest WebGuide to guide you! Get ready, get set, go! Click here to get to the website.

When you are finished, click HERE to play the Butterfly Discovery Game where you get to create your own butterfly! You are going to LOVE this! 



  1. Hey miss Clarken!!! I just got of of the butterfly game that you put up. it is so fun. I learned that it is called the Monarch butterfly. They travel every year from United states to mexico

  2. I think your students are going to be experts on forest sfter you teach it to them!!!

  3. Opps I forgot to tell you happy Thanksgiving!!!! ² you.

  4. have you done wetlands wet

  5. Hey miss Clarken, I wanted to know if there is a website to do the animated movie making for me to do. If there is could you tell me what it is.

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