Posted by: clarken | November 5, 2009

Otto said WHAT?!?!?

Bet you thought that I had forgotten about our word funeral this week, huh?!  Well it’s just that I have a feeling it is not going to be easy to let go of this one. So… here it is.  The our new dead word is… said.  There.  I said it. Uh-oh. See? I told you it was a hard one to let go of.

So here is the plan: Let’s spend the week brainstorming better words than said, because let’s face it, said is a pretty bland word. Think of all of the more colorful ways say it… whispered, sneered, growled, chirped, replied, bellowed, roared… the list is endless. We will be detectives all week- both in our reading, and during conversations.  Once we feel that we have a nice collection of said words, we will officially bury said for good.

And finally… back to Toon Books Otto’s Orange Day! Last week we brainstormed ways that a comic book is similar +/or different from a picture book.  What stood out to most of us was the talking bubble.  We all agreed that the silly dialogue and the talking bubble made reading more fun!

Today in the lab let’s see if we can get some “said is dead” practice in while we read Otto’s Orange Day. Here is your task:

1.) Choose your favorite talking bubble from the story.

2.) Add a “said” word to it with the name of the character who is speaking.

For example: I wish that everything in the world was orange exclaimed Otto. (On Monday we’ll start adding the quotation marks… for today, let’s just work getting our vocabulary going!)

Most of all, enjoy jumping into the next chapter! Click HERE to get started. You will need to use the right arrow to click forward to Chapter Two!



  1. What popsicle hissed.otto

  2. At last ! I got it! Otto replied.

  3. Aha. There’s an orange popsicle hissed Otto.

  4. I think when mom said here you go. your orange lambchop and orange mash potatoes and orange milk. was cool because I think it would be awsome to eat something orange.

  5. Give me that popsicle roar Otto’s mom

  6. Dear Mrs.Clarken,my favorite bubble is,”Aha.There’s an orange popsicle”.Cried Otto

  7. Otto sighed well everything is orange and it’s giving me the blues

  8. Mrs.clarken
    Nope. I was wrong sqeeled Otto

  9. Alert be on a look out for the escaped oronge crimonal the orong robber warned the cop

  10. good idea i`ll just dust it off crooned otto

  11. Otto was going to eat a ice cream but his orange mom gave him healthy food so he like screamed in his head. he didn’t say that

  12. he or she has orange hair…and orange eyes…and is wearing orange! cried the police

  13. Oh this gona be great bellowed Otto

  14. Blue guy commaned “Take a look.

  15. ”This is going to be great,”exclaimed Otto

  16. “every thing is orang and it is giving me the blues,” otto sighed

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