Posted by: clarken | October 29, 2009

Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is finally here! Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes… at 9:00 am Friday morning we are WALKING to Palmer Way for the annual Spelling Bee. 

Alexandria, Almario, Alexia, and Amber are ready to rock!  I know that everybody is excited to cheer them on. Remind your parents that they are welcome to join us. Palmer Way’s address is 2900 Palmer Street just over the hill from us.  

And… you will finally get to meet your Pen Pals in Mr. Clarken’s class.  We have a fun activity in store for all of you. 

Once we get settled back at school, Sophia is going to share the book she bought for our class: Can You See What I See? On a Scary Scary Night as well as some spooky music…



  1. have a pleased hallowing

  2. Pigsty is a fanatsy because pigs can not play
    .And can not talk ether.

    Henery And The Backerner Bunys is a fanisey because bunneys can not talk like people.But pierits are reaiy.

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