Posted by: clarken | October 29, 2009

Reading a Comic Strip

Hi all!  This week we have spent a lot of time learning how to read magazine articles.  We found out quickly that these nonfiction articles are arranged much differently than the picture books and chapter books we are used to.  By learning how to read all of these different genres, we get a lot more out of what we are reading.


What about reading a comic strip?  Does a comic strip tell a story the same way that one of our picture books does?  I’ll let YOU decide.  Today in the computer lab you are going to have a comic strip read to you.  Click HERE to get to Toon Books: Ottos Orange DayClick READ TO ME and when you are done hearing the page, click the right arrow to move on.  


*** At the end of Chapter One… please leave a comment with your  thoughts . How does a comic strip tell a story differently than a picture book?  What do you feel is similar to a picture book?



  1. they make bubble’s and it’s fiction

  2. I think that the difference is a comic strip shows who is talking with a talking bubble.A picture book shows all the words on the top or the bottom in chunks but a comic strip show a talking bubble for who is the one talking.

  3. that was a superb movie i an going to wach that again at night.

  4. mrs.clarken

    the comic i s diffrent becouse

    it has four picture in one page


  5. comic strip is differently then picturebook and has word and perggaf

  6. Mrs. Clarken, I think that when he got the lamp he got so, so, so, so, so, pleased but I think he will soon discover that he should not have done that

  7. I was thinking that the comic is different from the picture book because they say stuff in their mind that they are thinking. The picture book just says what they are doing.

  8. Mrs.Clarken I know another word for said it is told.

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