Posted by: clarken | October 10, 2009

The Desert

Here is your latest challenge…

Click HERE to watch a BrainPop movie about the desert. (You should be able to click right on the movie and play it.  If you are asked to log in, please use… username: nationalsd,  password: nationalsd)

Click HERE to play a Desert Habitat game.

For FIVE purple tickets, make a T-chart classifying animals found in a desert (on one side) and animals not found in a desert (on the other side) The game above should help in giving you ideas but you may also add some of your own!  You can make your T-chart on any paper you have.  Turn it in to me any day this week to receive your tickets!  Have fun!




  1. Hey Mrs.Clarken having a excelent weekend so far? I have.Yesterday my moms friends son came over.His name is Isac.He lovvvveeeeeesssss to dance a lot.Respones to me back

    Good BYE

    • Hi Alexandria! Yes, we are having a great weekend! We have a friend staying with us and so we went out to a pizza place for dinner last night!
      Have fun with Isaac!
      Mrs. Clarken

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