Posted by: clarken | September 28, 2009


Hey guys!  Here are a few important reminders.  Please go down the checklist and make sure you have what you need to make it all happen!

  • Get those registration packets turned in!!!!

  • Look through your fundraising packet and get to work! Sell, sell, sell to your friends and family!

  • Picture day is on WEDNESDAY!  This picture session is IN YOUR UNIFORM! 


P.S. Awesome thinking and incredible observations today during science!  Look in your backyard/neighborhood.  Find some leaves and see what structures they have to survive in their environment.  Did you find any leaves similar to the ones we studied today?  Leave a comment if you taught your parents, family members, or friends about our experiment.



  1. What is the username and password for brainpop?p.s. Happy almost Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Aralie,
      The username is nationalsd_teacher and the password is nationalsd.

      Have fun exploring!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken

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