Posted by: clarken | September 19, 2009

Website has new look!!!

Hi guys! We have a new look for the website! We have all of our same old sites PLUS a whole lot more. Keep checking back for more changes…

Mrs. Clarken



  1. Hey miss Clarken Iam sorry this is late but I love the webpage it is awsome.I like how you remodled it.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    • Alexandria!

      So happy that you like the new look! I do, too. Especially because I can have pictures of all of you. See you tomorrow.

      Mrs. Clarken

  2. hi miss clarken

    way have a funrale on



    • Alexia,

      I am so sorry to hear your your news.

      Mrs. Clarken

  3. Hi Mrs.Clarken the webpage is so awsome. love,Sophia

    • Hi Sophia!

      I am happy that you are enjoying the weblog. What is your favorite thing to do on the site? I just reread your pen pal letter and I think that it’s fabulous. I bet your pen pal will be thrilled to get it!

      Mrs. Clarken

  4. Hi Mrs. Clarken how are u doing today.So I really miss u and so do Letty, Erik ,Marc,and Jahziel. Even if u do not know him he is a friend of mine and Erik his name is Juan. I sit next to him. Any way write back please. Bye

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