Posted by: clarken | September 19, 2009

Thank you Mrs. Williams!

Room 25 would like to thank Mrs. Rhea Williams for her generous gift. She donated dozens of pencils, binder paper, crayons, glue, dry erase markers and more to our classroom.  Your kindness is appreciated!!!

001 - Copy
003 - Copy
002 - Copy



  1. miss clarken i don`t get where the words have the u in it where do you put them pleas reply me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Ruthie,

      There was not enough room to add the short u words into this week’s sort. Instead, just add them at the very bottom of the page. Do what you can, Ruthie. Sort all of the letters that you can, and I’ll help you with the rest tomorrow! Enjoy the night with your family.

      Mrs. Clarken

  2. miss clarken I have a problem with the words I didn`t find any words with 5 in them what should I do I only found with 3 kind of have with 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruthie!
      Don’t worry! You will not always be able to find words that have 5 or more letters in them. Sometimes you will find several, other times a couple, and still other times you will not find any at all! Be proud of yourself that you found words with 3 letters and/or two! We’ll chat tomorrow and see if I can help you to add more words to your list.

      Have a fun night with your bro!
      xox Mrs. Clarken

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