Posted by: clarken | September 11, 2009

Poll: Healthy Snacks

Hi guys! Andrie mentioned in one of his comments how terrible junk food makes your body feel. So that got me to thinking… what HEALTHY snacks do YOU eat? Maybe if we shared all of our good ideas for healthy food choices, we could help to make our bodies fit and our minds ready to rock.

Please do the poll below. Click your favorite snack and then click VOTE. If your favorite healthy snack is not listed, click OTHER and then be sure to add it to our comments below.
Mrs. Clarken



  1. My favorite snack wasn’t listed. I like HUMMUS!
    Mr. Clarken

  2. My favorite is grats they are delicouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. my favorite healthy snack is veggie sandwitch

  4. my favrote food is fruit salad

  5. my foriter food is appel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My favorite fruit is fruit salad.

  7. Hey Mrs.Clarken!How’s it going?Is Sean still sick?My mom always make me drink medican so let Sean drink medican to make hi feel better.Andrie

    • Sean is feeling much better. Thank you for the tip, Andrie. I’m so glad you are feeling better, too!
      Mrs. Clarken

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