Posted by: clarken | September 8, 2009

Wednesday 9/9 Rotations

Good Morning!


Second Graders:
Click HERE for number line practice
Click HERE for skip counting sequence.
Click HERE for Hundreds Chart Practice

Third Graders:
Click HERE for place value models
Click HERE for value of a digit
Click HERE for expanded form practice


Your independent Language Arts Rotations task today will be TWO GAMES! One about SYNONYMS and one about SENTENCE BUILDING. Please play each game ONCE. Get ready. Get set! Go!

Click HERE to play Word Frog. ** Please click SYNONYMS.

Click HERE to play The Patchworker sentence building game.



  1. Dear Mrs.Clarken Did you know that to much junk food is bad? Love , Andrie P.S. Take care.

    • You are so smart, Andrie. Why don’t you leave a comment giving your classmates ideas about the healthy food snacks they could eat INSTEAD of junk food. My favorite healthy snack is yogurt. Sometimes I put some Cheerio’s on top! What are some of YOUR favorite healthy snacks??

  2. Hi Mrs.Clarken how are you doing today in my class we are learning about 9/11/09 bye.

    • Hi Iri! I am so happy to hear from you! I bet you are learning so many wonderful things in 4th grade. Maybe you could come back and help my current students with SYNONYMS! We are starting our “Dead Word List” next week. Our first word to go is GOOD! Can you remember some synonyms for good?????
      Mrs. Clarken

      • OF course I could remember some words for Good like superb and theres more locked up inside of my head. Good Bye

  3. hi miss clarken

    i need help on my homework

    and mutaplacition

  4. miss clarken I was wondering if you were coming to my bros. party tell me if you are.p.s you can bring SHAN and timmy to

  5. When ever you need call me and Jessica!!!!!!!!!!

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