Posted by: clarken | August 29, 2009

We Are Scientists!

What an amazing first week! It is such fun getting to know everyone in our Room 25 family!

One of the things that I learned this week is that we have a class full of scientists. It was such fun for me to watch you OBSERVE, ask QUESTIONS, COMMUNICATE with your partner, and COMPARE and CLASSIFY first animals, and then shells, tools, tiles, and buttons. I am impressed at how well you share your ideas with one another; each of you has shown to be a respectful listener and thoughtful speaker.

Why don’t you use some of your scientist skills this weekend? Try this…
1. Go outside and gather some rocks.
2. OBSERVE them (you don’t need a hand lens! Just look, listen, touch, smell, and maybe even taste??!!)
3. Draw a picture of them.
4. Write down any QUESTIONS that you have about them.
5. COMPARE them. (How are they alike? How are they different?)
6. CLASSIFY them. Draw a T-Chart and put them into groups. Try to name their categories like we did for the animals (example: for animals we chose water & land, or fur & no fur)

Just get outside and explore!



  1. Hi Mrs. Clarken,
    Guess what! I tried the observation. I observed some trees but I’m not sure what they’re called. I had fun!


    • Hi Ruthie!

      GREAT idea! We are actually going to be studying the rain forest this year in science. It is one of the more interesting biomes that we will study. I think you will find that there are a lot of plants and animals that you enjoy learning about. We will start out with some easy movies and then maybe by the time we study the rain forest we’ll be ready for a more detailed one.

      Mrs. Clarken

  2. Hey mrs.Clarken.Did u know to take care of a sick person it needs lots of vegetables and medicine Andrie P.S. take care of your family 🙂

    • Andrie,
      How smart you are! I have not had to take care of any really sick people yet- but if I need to, I’ll ask YOU for advice!

      Mrs. Clarken

  3. sorry i forgot the . on the medicine;)

  4. hi miss clarken

    can you help me on my mutaplcation

  5. hi miss clarken i got an idea for one of the movie we can do something about the rain forest with lots of plants and animals

  6. miss clarken i can not go to school tomorrow because i`m so sick!!!!!!!!! I will see you soon buy buy .p.s maybe i will not come the day before that

    • Ruthie,

      I am so sorry that you are feeling sick. We missed you very much today. If you don’t come to school tomorrow, please try to relax and drink lots of water. If you feel up to doing some school work. please try the activities that I’m posting for Wednesday Language Arts Rotations. We will be working on Synonyms for Independent Work. Also, as always, read, read, read.

      P.S. Do you remember making Birthday Graphs on the second day of school? Well, yours was so colorful and neat that I used it for the class example on our bulletin board.

      Mrs. Clarken

  7. okay mrs.clarken I will try to do that. I missed you to.AND my friends to .me and my bro.will try to stay healthy to go tomorrow school see you soon buy now p.s say hi to every body there .

  8. MRS. Clarken sorry I did not make It to school. love,Sophia

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