Posted by: clarken | August 23, 2009

Welcome New Students 2009-2010!!!

Start Reading!!!!

Start Reading!!!!

The blog is back for another exciting school year! This class weblog a is forum for the students of Room 25 to show off their smart ideas and projects. It is also the place to turn to for school news updates, educational games, homework assignments, pictures, movies, and more! Looking forward to getting to know the new Room 25 family!

Mrs. Clarken



  1. HI Mrs. Clarken.It’s me Sophia Moreno.Guess what when I get home I am gonna play school.I am gonna have so much fun playing school at home.I realy like school because you can learn stuff at school just like math.Eery day I am gonna play school whenever I get home.You never know if iam gonna be the teacher at my house playing school.I would say school is better then playing.You know I could even play school in reacess. Have a great morning and evening bye by Mrs. Clarken. Sincerely,Sophia

  2. hi miss clarken

    i got an idea for the movie

    we shoudl make the movie

    of the mouse and the lion

  3. oh and i feel bad

    that i didint get the prizeeeeeee

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!


    • Alexia! You have so many tickets and this is the beginning of the year! Be patient. There are a LOT of great prizes to come. Have a great weekend. Thank you for your help today at lunch.

      Mrs. Clarken

  4. miss clarken

    my dauhter

    to the dentist on tuesday

    alexias mom

    • Thank you so much for letting me know.

      Mrs. Clarken

  5. i saw your respones ill


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