Posted by: clarken | July 6, 2009

Macbeth is Here!!!

Hi guys! Thank you for being so patient in waiting for our movie! I had been unsuccessful in uploading Macbeth until Mr. Clarken helped me by adding it to his Vimeo account for us. So here is how you can play the movie…

Click the Movies page in the upper right hand corner of our weblog (next to the Homework page)

You will see a link… Click Room 25’s Version of Macbeth

A Screen saying Vimeo should pop up and you’ll see a picture of our movie. Press the arrow on the bottom left and the movie should begin!

Hope that works for now! Enjoy the movie!



  1. oh hey mrs.clarken it is closed to going back to school! i been waiting for the movie.i am teaching my brother math.see ya real soon .

  2. Gianella,

    Were you able to play the movie? Let me know if you are having difficulties.

    Mrs. Clarken

  3. the movie did work my mom liked it

  4. it was kind of scary the song that you but last. but it was asome

  5. mrs clarken tomorrow is my birthday july 18

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