Posted by: clarken | June 12, 2009

The Planets!

Hi guys! Sorry that I could not spend the day with you today. Sean is sick and I needed to stay home with him. Did you have fun competing with the other third grade classes at the 5th Annual Field Day??? Who got the Turkey Trophy???


Please start doing your research for your planet presentation. I think that you will find that you want to read a bit about all of the planets, but please start to do some thinking about your planet. On Monday I will give you the final guidelines for your presentation, due on Thursday.

Click HERE to get to Kids Konnect. You will need to scroll down on the site and then you will find a lot of links to click. Click any/all that you choose and read up on your planet!

Have a great weekend!
P.S. Melissa and Daniel, I am so sorry to have missed your karate and dancing performances yesterday. Sean’s school called and I had to leave suddenly and pick him up.



  1. its ok if you dident go to see me and daneil dance and do karate i anderstan that you couldet go

  2. mrs.clarken the old back round came back and the games are back did mr.clarken fixed it

  3. we got only one turkey point in field day

  4. mrs clarken the weblog is the same color again

  5. Mrs.Clarken for the third year in a roll Mrs.Sanches`s class got the turkey trophy.I will miss you on summer vaction.Don`t forget i`m going to be in your class next year or in August!!!!!!

  6. mrs.clarken i found a website in the computer its called and it will tell us facts about our plants

  7. mrs.clarken i found a website in the computer its called and it will tell us facts about our planets

  8. mrs.clarken the calender looks dfferent now.

  9. hi mrs .clarken i played on your website

  10. Hey Mrs.Clarken you changed the website! ps. cool!
    letticia Corrine Valderrama

  11. mrs.clarken did i leave my report card in the class room?if i did mail it to me 6361 divison st.

    • Hi Gianella,
      I went to school today to look for your report card, but it wasn’t there. I will have a copy made and get it out to you as soon as I can. Enjoy your summer, sweetie.

      Mrs. Clarken


  13. mrs clarken sorry if i didnt go to the last day of school to do the planet presentaion. i didnt go because i had a doctor apoment. And when can i go to get my report card and ather things even give you my homeworke. i am so sorry

    • Melissa,
      Do not worry about a thing! I missed you very much, though. I will mail your report card to you. Also, I will be putting our Macbeth movie on the weblog as soon as I can. Keep visiting the site for the games. Maybe we can play Multiplication Grand Prix sometime!
      xoxo Mrs. Clarken

  14. mrs clarken so when can i give you my homeworke i am done with it.

  15. i really whant to play multplction grandprix with you ……..

  16. mrs.clarken when are you going to put the macbeth movie in the weblog my mom and dad whants to see it.

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