Posted by: clarken | May 15, 2009


I just know that you are dying to know more about this William Shakepeare guy after hearing the first part of Macbeth today. Look what I found!!!!

Click HERE to see a bit about the bard. (username and password still nationalsd!)

After the movie, you may check out some of the Shakespeare links on our site. You can also scroll back to earlier pages and find the posters last year’s class used to retell Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Have fun!

Oh! Remember to study your lines this weekend. Macbeth auditions are on Wednesday!



  1. what line i dont know any lines.

    • Marc,
      Don’t worry sweetie. I passed out scripts on Friday when you were absent. Auditions are not until Wednesday. I will have your reading group retell what we’ve read of Macbeth so far to get you all caught up. We will also have a lot of time to practice lines with partners on Monday and Tuesday.

      Hope you are feeling better. We all missed you on Friday.
      Mrs. Clarken

  2. are we having the picnic tomorrow?

  3. i learnd all or willium shakesper

  4. i learnd all of the willium shakesper plays

  5. miss clarken i found a page of all the lines of willium shakesper plays

  6. mrs.clarken in my computer it doesnt have any games what happen please write back

  7. mrs clarken in my computer there is no games why

  8. mrs clarken my mom really whant to see the mecbeth movie

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