Posted by: clarken | April 24, 2009

Fun and a Free Book to Boot!

Hey guys! Mrs. Crosbie came across some great information…

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, this Saturday, April 25, is the “Children’s Book Party” in Balboa Park. Started by Roosevelt Brown, this is the 25th annual book give away. There is no cost to any child who attends, there will be refreshments and entertainment, and each child receives a brand new book. The Book Party is from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.

For more information about the Brown family’s Reading Literacy Learning Inc. click HERE.



  1. Study some of those BOOKS! ps. just kidden! Always letty

  2. Mrs.Clarken are u here?/ ps. letty?

  3. It is/its letty r u here Mrs.Clarken/ps. Letty

  4. Hey Mrs.Clarken I had forgotton when is the picnic?(tues)?
    The monkey that I got from the benie babies box 2day is awsome!
    I have 2 keep it away from my dogs because they hate the sound of talking of other animals!
    What are you doing right now?
    Oh my Dad said my brother Scottie is having his BIRTHDAY party 2morrow at las palmas!
    His rill birth day party is May 22.I will get him a present but my dad is buying food right now so i dont want 2 bug my dad./ps. Always , Letty

  5. Sorry that was reallllllllllllllllllly LONG!!!

    Letticia Corrine Marzan VAlderrama

  6. hey mrs.Clarken r u goung 2 right me back!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. what r u doing on sat? what i’m doing on Sat is going to scotties birthday party at 12:00.

  8. what r u doing on today

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