Posted by: clarken | April 19, 2009

Turn off that T.V. !!!!!

This week is National Turn Off Your TV Week! Do YOU think you can last without a minute of TV this week?

Suzanne Pitner, Media Literacy Writer, offers these suggestions for cutting down on t.v. for good…

* Keep a T.V. viewing log to track how many hours are actually spent in front of the television.
* Have a regular family game night each week with no television. (How about teach your parents some of the math games we play in class?)
* Turn off the T.V. during meals and have a conversation.
* Don’t turn on the T.V. until all homework and chores have been finished.
* Get outside and go for a walk or bike ride instead of watching a television show.

For more information…
click HERE for the Media Literacy site
and click HERE for T.V. Turn Off



  1. I had turned off my tv for one hour!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention on your blog. I think that you are on to a great idea about kids teaching their parents the math games they learn in class!


  3. I love your website! I am going to link to it from my classroom website. You have so many fantastic resources here. I teach 5th grade, and they can use so many of the links you provide. I’m glad I found you. Here’s my URL, in case you want to use any of the links I have listed. Teachers helping teachers and students is what it’s all about!

    • Thank you so much for sending your URL! I had such fun exploring the site. I agree, teachers helping teachers helping students is what it’s all about!

      Claudine Clarken

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