Posted by: clarken | April 15, 2009

Regions of California

Do you remember the four regions of California? I will give you 4 purple tickets when we get back to school on Monday if you can tell me…

Here is a clue:
M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Region
C _ _ _ _ _ _ Region (We live in this one)
C _ _ _ _ _ _ V _ _ _ _ _ _ Region
D _ _ _ _ _ Region

Click HERE for a great interactive map of California. I think you’ll have fun clicking the different regions.



  1. i new all 4 regions i put it on a piece of blank paper .

  2. Great, Marc! I had a feeling that you would. Did you try the interactive map?
    Mrs. Clarken

  3. Mountain region
    centralvalley reigon
    coastal region
    desert reigon

  4. Mountion,Central Valley,Coastal,Desert ps letty

  5. mis clarken one is were we live

  6. Mrs.Clarken I know them now the first one is Mountain reigons. The second one is CaliforniaReigons. Third one is Coastal Vally Reigons. And the last one is Desert Reigon. from iri

    • colstulregion. montenregion. centrulvallregent. desertrgion

    • California isnot a region,it is a coastal region.

  7. mrs.clarken one region is the central valley region.

  8. i know the four regons

  9. mountain region,costal region,costal valley region , valley region, desert region.Aralie

  10. another is the moutain region.

  11. the desert region

  12. the frist one is the mountain rigon the secend one is coasl rigen the other one is the coastl vally rigon and the last one is the desert rigon

  13. and coastal region

  14. Mountain region, Coastal regiion, Coastal Valley region,and Desert Valley region.

  15. wow i just read all those isnt it amazing the put that much reigens????????????????

  16. moutain region,desert,costal valley,coastal.They are all California Regions.

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