Posted by: clarken | April 9, 2009




  1. were do you find those vote things

  2. Melissa, the polls (voting things) are a part of the weblog operating system. If you have a good idea for a poll, let me know, and I’ll add it to our weblog! Then, when we get back to school, I’ll teach you how to make one. Mrs. Clarken

  3. Mrs.Clarken ,On Easter my family held a Easter egg hunt at the beach, on sunday and I didn`t get to eat because I had strip throat.But even if I had it I still had a great time with my family and thas what matters to me.Love,Iri

  4. Iri,
    I hope you are feeling better. I had a great time with my family, too. And you are right… that is what matters most.
    Mrs. Clarken

  5. Hi Mrs.Clarken this is Letty!(your student) Well i got a kiddie pool 3 days ago and my little brothers “Jadon and Issac” and me went inside it!Scottie had a baseball game!Angel had soccer practice!I didnt have anything!PS. i am going 2 play SOFTBALL pretty soon! PS. Letty

  6. Mrs.Clarken I think everybody picked the hunting for eegs but I did not pick that.

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