Posted by: clarken | April 6, 2009

National Geographic Kids

I bet all of you are enjoying your spring break already! It made my day to find comments from Letty and Melissa.

I found a great new spot you will truly enjoy. It is the National Geographic for Kids site. Be sure to click the yellow tab at the top that says videos. Sean and I loved the one about the frogs. Check it out HERE. I have added it under the Explore, Explore, Explore subject column as well.



  1. hi mis clarken i saw the website i think its cool

  2. i had the best spring break ever i think summer vacation will be better.hey mrs.clarken can you please bring some national goegraphicin to the classroom so i could read some there are fun facts about animals.i hope you have the best spring break ever too.

    thank you

    p.s. say hi to saun and timmy for me.

  3. Hi Marc!

    I’m so happy that you are having a great spring break. So am I! I told Sean and Timmy that you said hello.

    Yes, I’ll let you borrow some of our National Geographic magazines. We also got a new Highlights magazine in the mail that has a great recipe in it.

    Have you read any articles on the National Geographic sight?
    Mrs. Clarken

  4. yes i have read a arcticle at the weblog its so interesting.

  5. hey Mrs.Clarken geuss what sence my Tata passed away my Nana is going to buy the most tinyest puppy in the whole wide world!

  6. Im coming with her today! I think the name is Jojo for a boy and Mystery for a girl! April 24,2009

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