Posted by: clarken | March 31, 2009

Reading Group Rotations

We have some new sites for your reading group rotations (Wednesday, 4/1)!

Reading Group Rotation Sites:

1. Prefix Match Game click HERE

2. Fishbowl Prefix Game click HERE



  1. I have a dog called Gipsy she plays she eats and she sleeps. Can you put the old weekly readers in the weblog.

    • Erik,
      Your dog sounds like me! Do you have a picture of Gipsy that you can email to me? Maybe we could start a Weblog page about our classmates’ pets!
      I think that we can access the old Weekly Reader articles on-line through the Weekly Reader Site. I will look into it tonight!

  2. Wow Erik I love that name of your dog. You know what i have two dogs too and their names are “Shancho and Knukles.They act like your dogs too

  3. hi erik hi letty i have a dog to her name is princess i like your pet name to

  4. mis clarken who show you that websid did you found it by your self or somebody like mis sanches show you

    • Hi Melissa, I like to spend time exploring the internet for fun sites. So, I was lucky to find the reading group rotations for this one. If you mean where did I find the idea for the weblog, I must admit that Mr. Clarken had the idea before I did!

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