Posted by: clarken | October 27, 2008

Spelling Bee Finalists

Friday was the final Ira Harbison Spelling Bee “Round-Up” before the official Bee with Palmer Way this Thursday, October 30th.  Angelina, Marc, Letty, Apple, Erik, Aralie, Gianella, Daniel, and Cailey did an amazing job representing Room 25!  Along with our class, Mrs. Sanchez, Ms. Casillas, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Anderson sent their finalists to the auditorium for a spell-off.  What amazing spellers we have at our school! 

Congratulations Letty and Gianella!  You are going to ROCk against our friends at Palmer Way! 

*****  Parents:  You are encouraged to join us for the Spelling Bee! Help route for our I.H. Spellers…

Where: Cafeteria

When: Thursday, October 30 @ 8:45 am.  



  1. Wow look at all these greatful spelling bee students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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